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2015 Acura MDX - Braking- Clicking then grinding sound

Link to audio:
My car started making this sound yesterday when I would stop at a light. This morning it didn’t make the sound until I had driven for 10 minutes. Does anyone have a guess as to what this is and is it safe to drive to the dealership like this? Thanks for your help!

Go to your dealership ASAP because this doesn’t sound too good. Have the entire brake system inspected. In my experience,this may be due to severly worned brake pads(metal to metal contact).or a loose caliper bolt.This could damage your rotors and cost you more in the end.

Thank you for responding. I was worried that might be it. I was told that the brakes were replaced before I purchased it - less than 5,000 miles ago.

I have had a similar noise with loose lug nuts. You might make sure they are correctly tightened.

Car salesman sometimes lie to make a sale. Did you get the car inspected by an independant shop?

The audio is not distinct. It sounds to me like a brush-brush sound, like that of a little rust on the rotors being rubbed off by the brake pads. Did you wash the car and let it sit, or was it driven in the rain and parked right after? That can create a little more than the usual amount of rust on rotors. If the noise goes away after a couple or few firm applications of the brakes, it is not an indication of a serious brake problem.

Still, pay extra attention brake sounds and performance in the days ahead, in case something beyond rotor rust is going on. If there’s any pulling to one side, or excess heat on one brake, or vibration while braking, that’s a matter that needs attention.

Turns out it was a loose caliper. The screws were not tightened when the brakes were installed and eventually one fell off causing the caliper to scrape the tire when the brake was engaged.

Thanks for the update.