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Brake noise in 2008 Corolla

The brake noise is like a click, as if I just ran over a stick and it bounced. This noise comes only the first time when I apply the brakes going forward. This noise does not come at the subsequent use of brakes; however, if I keep driving on a long stretch of road without using the brakes (lots of green lights), then the first time I put the brakes on, this clicks again.

I bought this Corolla a few months ago; it had about 9K miles. Shortly after I bought it, I had the emergency brakes checked because it did not hold the car completely. On the dealer’s repair receipt, it said “clean and adjust rear brakes”. It is out of warranty already.

Should I take it back to have them look at the front brakes? This car drives well, brakes are smooth and works well except for just the mentioned above.

I just read about another 08 corolla, but that situation is a little different as in when the noise comes. I am thinking of just not do anything yet until it gets worse.
Any advice?

Definitely get the brakes checked, but since it’s out of warranty there’s no reason to return to the dealer.

The click may just be a loose clip, but brake noises should always ne checked out. Your life may depend on it.