New brakes making clicking sound; mechanic doesn't know what's causing it

We just had front and back brakes replaced in our 2015 RAV4, with a new mechanic after our previous one retired after being with him for nearly 20 years. The brakes are stopping the car fine, but we occasionally hear and feel a click when stopping at slow speeds (under 30). It almost sounds like the brakes are cracking its knuckles, if that makes sense. The mechanic acknowledges the clicking is happening, looked at the brakes, steering and suspension, but can’t figure out what’s wrong. He says it’s not interfering with brake performance and that the car is safe to drive, but it understandably has us a little on edge every time we hear it. Doing some research, this sounds like loose brake pads, but wouldn’t that be the first thing the mechanic would check? Wondering if we should get another mechanic to look at it, or if we just live with the clicking …

It is bothering you enough to log on to this forum so yes , have another mechanic look at it . Preferably a shop that just does brakes.

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Ask if the shop used brake pads that included new anti-rattle/abutment clips.

If they reused the old clips, it can cause a clicking/knocking noise when the brakes are applied.



You might be hearing brake pad shift, which is normal. You will hear a click from the brake pads when applying the brake in reverse and again when going forward, usually heard when parking.
The brake pads are loose when cold, they need room for thermal expansion when hot.

I’ll add I’ve never heard any clicking sounds from either of my two disc-brake -equipped cars. Even after replacing the pads. I’d be a little concerned about this as well. My guess is that there’s a problem with the new pads, perhaps not quite the exact dimension needed. If aftermarket pads, suggest to ask your mechanic to purchase & install another set of brake pads. This time the oem version, from a Toyota dealership.

Thanks everyone for your insights. I’ll post a reply once we get this resolved.

I would want it looked at. If for some reason he omitted or somehow botched a pad clip install then checking his own work may lead nowhere as any mistake would appear normal in his eyes.
One thing not mentioned is whether or not the brake rotors were serviced?
Just for another fly in the ointment, is this click in the front or rear? Maybe a click in the rear park brake mechanism? I’m assuming front, but…

How many miles on this car? I’m just wondering if this click could be related to a worn CV joint on a drive axle.