Brake Sensor Switch and Cruise Control Issues Related?

Has anyone else had trouble with their gear shift with the 2003 Honda Odyssey? Mine started getting stuck in “park” a little over a year ago. It would occasionally happen, but depressing the brake would eventually set it free. The problem became increasingly more common, however, and the only way I could back up was to remove the tiny cap from the top of the steering wheel box and stick something down in there, to disengage it. It got jammed in “park” so many times that I finally decided to take it in for service. Anyway, the Honda mechanic replaced the brake sensor/switch for $90, and the problem went away. A new issue cropped up the following day, however: my cruise control’s on the blink. Basically, it won’t always come on, when pressed. If it does start up, it’ll kick off in a minute or so. My husband and I seem to think the two issues are related, since we never had any problems with our cruise control until we had the service work done. What do you think?

They are connected however with your problem is unknown.

A brake sensor switch tells the cruise control when the brake pedal is pressed and immediately shuts it off.

Sounds like that brake sensor went from not being sensitive enough to being overly sensitive. You swung from one extreme to the other. Bring it back and have them adjust or replace it again.

Is it fair to say that the repair work done on my brake switch caused this new problem (cruise control kicking out)?