Brake or streering noise

Here’s the details… 1980 Fiat Spider. There is a very loud clicking when we apply the brakes. Is on the front left. The faster the car is going, the faster the clicking, and vice versa. It’s hardly there when turning right and braking, but breaking and turning left is a lot worse. And you can feel the clicking in your foot via the peddle.

Is this a loose caliper? Or is something wrong with the steering?

Any thoughts?

Does that Spider have CV joints?

No, it doesn’t have CV joints. That model was a conventional front engine, RWD vehicle.

I would suggest having the brake pads checked since it is brake related and since it can be felt through the brake pedal.

Yeah, RWD, so no CV joints. The pads look OK visually, but perhaps I need a pro to tell me otherwise. This weekend I’ll check the bearings, make sure the rotor is straight (I think it’s a little warped) and pull the caliper and pads and see what they look in up close.