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Hond Fit issue brakes?

'09 with 95,000 miles.
There is a squeaking sound coming from the front wheel area. It goes away but returns after a while. As soon as I even press lightly on brakes it stops.
Took it to shop week ago when it was less noticeable and it didn’t show up for mechanic.

After it stops (after touching brake pedal) it returns.

When was the last time the front brake pads were replaced?

Additionally, I have to wonder whether this mechanic actually did a visual inspection of the brake pads, as the symptoms that the OP describes are consistent with worn-out pads.

stay away from that shop. If someone comes into a shop with a brake noise complaint part of the inspection should include at least a cursory visual check.

Does it sound like this?

That was my driver side front caliper seizing. It was making a squeeking noise after 5 minute driving and stopped when I press the brake pedal.Wheel got very hot due to constant friction of the brake pads.I replaced the caliper and the noise stopped.I kept the old pads because I had plenty of friction material left on them.

Good idea as suggested above to check if any of the wheels are getting abnormally hot after a drive. Common causes for a squeak that goes away by applying brakes

  • worn pads
  • worn wheel bearing
  • anti-brake-noise shims not working/missing/etc
  • caliper not sliding freely along the slides
  • warped rotor (any pulsation felt when applying brakes?)
  • pebble or something is stuck in the wheel

If the brakes aren’t getting hot and there’s no pulsation, if that were my car’s problem and I’d check the front pad wear the easy way, by visual inspection done by just removing the wheel and looking, then I’d just keep track of it, monitor the problem, make sure it isn’t getting worse. If it starts to gets worse, I’d check the wheel bearings for play, the rotors for run-out, and take the front brakes apart to find what’s causing it.

I forgot to include in my 1st post that rotor and pads brand new.
The pads/rotors changed due to rotor warping. Prior to that there was uneven pad wear.
Now as I brake and car nears stop it make squeaking noise.


Sound was similar. Any light tap of brake pedal stopped it in at once.
Another thing is front wheels is always covered in brake dust since I’ve owned car (about 1.5 years).

I wonder if they cleaned and greased the caliper slides when they did the brake job? I hope so. OP, do you do any work like this on the car yourself, or always let a shop do the work?

9 times out of 10 brake noise complaints are just brake noise complaints, there is nothing to sell to the customer, just time consumed in looking for problems on a car with new brake pads that might be noisier than the previous brake pads on that vehicle.

When a vehicle comes in with a complaint that the aftermarket brake pad are noisier that the previous pads they get an offer to install OEM pads, the problem goes away because they return to their discount brake shop to complain.

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Thats it! Change that caliper ASAP because it will only get worst. You can find remanufactured caliper at around $ 50 for your Honda.

Exactly what information did OP give that leads you to believe the caliper is the problem?

The original post

"Took it to shop week ago when it was less noticeable and it didn’t show up for mechanic.

After it stops (after touching brake pedal) it returns."

ahh, the old phantom repair issue. returns when no mechanic is present

I suppose they test drove the vehicule when it had time to cool down. My caliper started to bind and squeek after 5-10 minute driving .It got so bad that I couldn’t even go up my driveway.



Uneven par wear is not caused by the pads or rotors. It can be cause by sticking caliper slides or pins, or sticking calipers. which could also be causing your noise.