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Brake noise? Please help me! This is the video. I dont know what thise noise could be. I have a 2009 pontiac g8 gt. This noise happens from braking lightly but not hard. Sometimes also when driving. Also does not happen all the time mostly when warmed up

Stop driving next to walls… then you won’t be able to hear it.

To my ears, it is normal rubbing sounds that brakes sometimes make when you apply the brakes lighty. The only reason you can hear it is there is a wall next to you to reflect the sound back. Don’t worry until you hear squealing or screeching or grinding noises.

If you are still concerned take it to an independent mechanic for an inspection of the brakes. Avoid brake specialty chains, they likely will try to sell you something whether you need it or not.

Well the only reason i drove next to a wall was because when i was on the highway i heard that noise. The only way to intensify the noise was to drive next to a wall.

I’m not able to listen to the vdo, but does it sound like a sort of scraping metallic sound? If so, that’s likely the brake wear indicators indicating the pads are nearing their wear limit. Ask a good inde shop to put it on a lift, remove the the wheels & measure the pad thickness remaining on all four wheels, compared to the spec, then you’ll know for sure.