Weird screeching noise when brakes applied

I noticed that when I brake hard, there’s a strange screeching noise (think metal on metal) when I’m slowing down. But, when I slow down gradually, there is no noise except for a slight squeak (again, metallic) near the end.

So…what’s up? Any ideas for the mechanic to check out?

It Sounds Like “Metal-To-Metal!”

I think your brakes wore out a while ago. Now the metal parts touch metal parts.

Take it to your mechanic to check out. Let him/her look around for other neglected safety items, too.

Thank You!

There usually is a wear sensor on the brake pads that will indicate that the brake pad is getting too thin by giving a metalic squeak. Have the mechanic look at the condition of the brakes and advise you on whether the front, back, or both need to be serviced. Get this done soon so that damage to the rotors and/or drums does not occur.

Good luck