2007 Toyota Corolla Brake Problem

My Mother bought a new 2007 Toyota Corolla and has had two episodes where the brakes did not work as expected and there was a loud noise from the rear of the car (she said it sounded like a sonic boom). She narrowly escaped hitting the cars in front of her. The first episode was about a year ago, the last a couple days ago. She does not want to drive the car, because she is afraid she will kill someone, and after taking it to the dealer, they can find nothing wrong. What to do???

Get a second inspection done.

It sounds like a possible loose battery connection. The brakes could go out if the engine is barely running and isn’t producing much vacuum. The boom is the fuel igniting in the exhaust system. The engine systems don’t work right with a loose connection sometimes.

This is incredible. A+ for creativity, but D- for likelihood.