2008 Toyota Corolla , creaking front brakes week after dealership brake change

Took my 2008 Corolla in for its 60,000 mile checkup. It was recommended that the front brake pads be changed as they were getting low.

It is now one week later. Now the front brakes creak when coming to a full stop. I
have noticed that the creaking seems to happen more on the way back home from work, and seems less pronounced in the morning.

Any ideas, and what are the chances the person who did the brake pad change is to blame?

If the brake pads were replaced without replacing the brake rotors brake noise can occur.

The initial friction surfaces between the brake pads and rotors has to be correct for the two to break in together properly. Otherwise you end up with brake noise.


I have to admit that @Tester has a point. Many mechanics will “clean up” the rotors with the brake lathe on every brake job, so that there aren’t any noise complaints.

is this something I should worry about our will the noise go away after the new pads wear in some?