Brake light/shift lock fuse

my brake light/shift lock fuse keeps blowing out each time when I replace it. can you tell me what the problem is.Thank you.

You obviously have a problem somewhere in the circuit, such as a short. Someone will need to find it. There is no magic bullet. You just take a multimeter and start digging.

I agree. There is a short in the circuit somewhere. The system is relatively simple so finding it should be easy.

If the fuse blows when you press on the brake pedal then the trouble may be near the brake lights. If you have a wire harness for towing in the rear that is also a good suspect area to check out for a short.

Thank you all for your help. The fuse blows when I press on the brake pedal as Cougar suggested.A friend told me it could be a brake pedal switch.My 2005 Toyota Sienna has only 36500 miles on it.Thanks.Daniel