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2008 toyota sienna brake light issue

shift lever stuck in park, with the following lights error lights:abs, trac, vsc lights illuminated. No brake lights or running lights. Blown fuses in 2 locations and would blow new immediately.

I took the following steps:
replaced brake lamp switch, replaced fuse, now working, abs, trac, and vsc lights are now off in instr. panel. Now brake lights constantly on… adjusted brake light switch no luck. Pressed plunger by hand on switch and lights still remain on. Only way to turn off brake lights is to remove fuse.

replaced rear running lights, replaced fuse, now working ok

Any ideas why the brake lights remain on all the time? Is there another relay or switch keeping the lights on?

Thanks in advance for nay help… Need to get to work in the a.m. and going nuts trying to troubleshoot the problem.