Brake Lights on 93 Toyota T100

I have a Toyota T100 with brake light problems. The fuse continues to blow out. It doesn’t happen in cooler weather but it was in the 90s and as soon as I put a new fuse in, it blew out right way. This also burns out the brake lights so they need to be replaced. All other lights work fine on the truck. Any suggestions or ideas on how to fix the problem or what causes the issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The brake light bulbs won’t get damaged due to a short on the power lead to them. If the fuse blows out without the brake pedal being pushed down to close the brake switch then the short is before the brake switch or that fuse ties to more than just the brake circuit and something else is causing the problem. I suspect that fuse ties power to more than just the brake light circuit.

Here is a list of circuits that may be tied to the fuse:
Stop lights, High mounted stoplight, cruise control system, electronically controlled automatic transmission system

Thanks for the reply. Sorry forgot to add it is tied to the cruise control system too.

Check the wiring to your trailer plug, may be a bare spot shorting out on the frame or hitch.

One thing you can do to help you find the trouble is replace the fuse with a brake light bulb wired across a blown out fuse. The light will be in series with the power and limit the current available to the short. The light will be bright when the short is occurring. With the fuse removed, you can also check the protected side of the fuse contact with an ohmmeter and monitor the resistance to ground.