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Brake Issue


I recently had repair done on my 2003 Kia Spectra 4-door sedan. My passenger window had been broken out from a theft, and also my power steering pump had been broken and was replaced. Over the past few days i’ve noticed when I go to brake my brake pedal doesn’t give me much resistance, and by today it seems to not resist at all like there’s no pressure. The brakes still stop the car but it’s more of a slow than immediate stop. My brake fluid is at max and it doesn’t appear that there’s a leak. Any suggestions to what could cause this, and whether or not it could be due to the recent repairs made?

The brake problem is not related to the window and probably not related to the P.S. pump either. Is the brake pedal going down further than normal with no brake action or pedal resistance? If so, that’s dangerous and needs to be checked out…Have any brake warning lights come on?

I agree with Caddyman. Remember getting the car rolling is optional, stopping is mandatory.

No there are no brake warning lights. The brakes work and the car stops, there’s just not really much resistance at all and I have to push further. And yes @Caddyman it does seem that it goes down further than normal withouth pedal resistance.

Have a brake pro check it out. A sudden change in the way brakes feel is never a good thing…