Kia Spectra brake problems

I have a 2001 Kia Spectra with front brakes that drag sometimes. The front starts to vibrate and then the brakes drag. Front only, both sides. I have changed pads, rotors and 1 caliper. What else could be causing this problem?

A pinched or damaged brake hose could cause this.

Why did you change one caliper?

I had problems getting the one caliper to open up when I changed the pads. The other one seemed to be working fine.

Usually when one caliper is found to be defective, both are replaced. You have to figure that if one went bad the other isn’t far behind.

When you did the brake job, you did lube the slide pins with brake caliper lube? If not, the caliper could stick and not release the brake pads from the rotor. If this was done, but the calipers still drag, then the flexible brake hoses to the calipers might be deteriorated internally. To check for this, the next time the calipers drag, crack open the bleeders on the calipers. If brake fluid shoots out of the bleeders and the caliper releases the brake pads off the rotor, The hoses to the calipers should be replaced.


I lubed the pins with high temp and pressure grease. Will this work like brake caliber lube? Another symptom, when the car is cold the brake pedal goes down close to the bottom. Will not pump up. After I drive awhile the pedal is normal. When the brakes are dragging you barely touch the pedal and the brakes will stand you on your head. Master cylinder maybe?