Kia Soul brake lights not working

My 2012 Kia Soul+ brake lights aren’t working when I press the brake pedal. I have checked the fuses, and the bulbs I even replaced a few to be sure, I have replaced the brake switch under the dash and they still won’t work.
Anyone have any ideas as to what else it could be?
My cruise control is working, just my brake lights wont illuminate when the pedal is pressed down, the running lights are working though.

Its probably the brakes light bulbs according to many Kia forums I’ve read. Replace them again

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Are you sure you are using the correct bulbs, with two filaments? Go by the owners manual, not by what’s in there now.

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It must be pretty simple circuit. Use a test light to make sure the brake light switch conducts battery power across the terminals when the brake pedal is pressed, and not when it isn’t pressed. Next remove one of the brake bulbs and use the test light to see if battery power is reaching the bulb socket when the brake pedal is pressed. If the switch tests ok, but no power is reaching the socket, either a wiring harness problem or there’s an electronic gizmo that handles the brake light circuity in between that’s gone haywire. Try disconnecting the car’s battery and letting it sit for a couple hours, then re-connect the battery. That might reset that gadget. If the test light shows you got power to the bulb socket but the bulb doesn’t light, either the bulb is bad, or the ground for the socket isn’t connected to the chassis.

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Thanks guys so it actually ended up being the brake light bulbs, my husband was looking at the wrong bulb. I have it all figured out now, I’ll just have to double check his work from now on, hahaha.


Good job, glad you figured it out! Happy Motoring!