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2002 KIA SPECTRA Gear Problem

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my 2002 Standard Kia Spectra. My car had been sitting and undriven for 6 months, after charging the battery and starting the car, I am having trouble shifting to gear. I was able to shift into reverse, with lots of grinding, but getting into 1st gear, I had to shut off the car and shift into gear, then start the car. I test drove around the block and I was able to get it into a few gears, but really had to press on the clutch hard. Although, when I stopped and tried 1st again, i had to shut off the engine to shift. Could anyone, please give me advise on what I can check for problem. Being a single female in Florida, I am worried to take it to the repair shop and get charged an arm and a leg for something that may or maynot be needed. Thanks so much for any advise…

Check the level of the hydraulic fluid in the clutch master cylinder reservoir. It should be to the right of the brake master cylinder when you look toward the driver’s seat with the hood open. If the level is below the lower limit line, add the correct fluid, which should be DOT 3 but check with your owner’s manual for the correct fluid and specification.

In reviewing data on your Kia Spectra GS, I cannot verify that this car has a separate clutch master cylinder reservoir. The clutch master may draw from the brake master cylinder reservoir so look for a hose going from the cylinder on the right up to the brake reservoir. In this case a low brake reservoir may be the problem. Again if air has gotten into the clutch master cylinder the clutch hydraulic system will have to be bled. By the way, the clutch fluid is specified as DOT 3.

If the fluid is indeed low, you may have a leaking clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder. So, check the fluid every tank fill to see if it continues to drop. Also if the level got low enough that air got into the hydraulic system, you might have to bleed the system to get residual air out.

Hope this helps.

That was my thinking too. This is a slow time in Florida though until the tax refund checks start coming through, so they aren’t going to charge much to check and top off the fluid if you are hesitant to do it.

Oh, thank you both so much…it sounds a lot better than needing a new clutch… I will check it out in the morning and see if the fluid is low…You don’t know what a help and blessing you both are…Have a wonderful evening and will keep you posted if I have more problems… I think, going to the service station and asking them to fill the reservoir, after I check it, will be a lot less expensive then them telling me I need a new clutch… I will, at least, seem like I know what I am talking about…Thanks again…marianne

it worked…it worked…thank you so much…

Both Bing and I are happy for you. It is rare that we ever find out the ultimate solution to a problem.

By the way, was the reservoir shared by both the brake and clutch master cylinders?