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Brake Combination Valve Leakage

1987 Integra, 144k miles.

In April Honda did a courtesy inspection.

They listed a no of things and most of which are just based on a “suspicion”.

“Brake Combination Valve Leakage” is one of it. If “Brake Combination Valve Leakage” is true, should I see a drop in brake fluid level?

Its been almost a yr and I don’t see a change in brake fluid level - the master cylinder under the bonnet.

They listed Engine/Tranny fluid leak - but there is none as such - tranny was replaced. Valve cover casket was changed and there is oil residue there.


It appears you can safely discard this courtesy inspection,since so much time has passed it is of little value.

You should have asked Honda to explain this courtesy inspection when the car was returned to you.

It is very hard to explain this type of report,as you have presented it makes no sense at all.

How about a “paid for” inspection at a independant mechanic? I would be happy to walk you through the results.