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1990 Integra EGR Valve, Gasket and Solenoid

My beloved '90 Integra Beau has a bad EGR valve, gasket and solenoid and will flunk inspection due Jan 5th. PLEASE help me find the parts so Beau and I can keep riding together. Beau is 23 years old but runs like a top, just passed 70,000 and was recently painted-looks like new. Thanks for any help!

Rock Auto Parts online has your parts. You’re welcome.


In addition to the good advice that @missileman gave you, I’ll give you some more

It’s possible that your EGR passages are also full of carbon. At 23 years old, I would suggest getting the passages snaked out

Just curious, is your Integra a manual, and who informed you that the EGR valve is bad? The reason I ask is I’ve have owned a 1990 GS 5-speed for 20 years now and over 330k miles. I’ve done all the work myself and have never seen an EGR valve.

If you do have an automatic, and need an EGR valve, consider your local NAPA or a salvage yard. Considering the cars age, It should be relatively easy to find a replacement part.


“have never seen an EGR valve.”

Are you implying that some shop is being fraudulent, claiming OP has a faulty EGR valve, when the car doesn’t even have one?