Brake Clips

For a 2015 Chrysler Pacifica, if the front brake clips are worn and the brake pads are not being held into place, can you replace the clips with replacing the pads? Vehicle has 20k miles on it.

Maybe…see if they sell a brake hardware kit separately for that vehicle. I’ve come across a few vehicles that stopped selling brake hardware kits separately because they are included with the pads.

Thanks. Will check. One other question, is hearing a ticking noise when accelerating but tick goes away when stepping on the brakes a sign that the brake clips have worn out?

I’d say “maybe” to the second question about the clicking also. If the clips are worn, I’d consider replacing the pads also, assuming new pads come with anti rattle clips. Probably not much more money and you’re already in there that far… Just my opinion, though.

This clicking, does it click all the time you are accelerating? Does it click louder when turning? Does it click louder when turning in one direction more than the other? Why do you think it is the brake clips instead of something else such as Cv joints?

There is one problem with your question. No Pacifica was made 2009 to 2016. However , I have never had much problem buying new brake hardware kits at Advance . New clips seem to come with the more expensive pads but not the cheaper ones.

:smile: fat fingered my original post. It is a 2017. Good catch!

Thanks everyone.