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92 ford crown victoria rear brake pad clips

New after-market pads did not have the small stainless steel clips to place on the ends of the pads. These clips ride on the disc brake caliper bracket. I have 4 clips from my replaced pads but need 8 clips [2 clips per brake pad]. I have not found a supplier [including ford] that will sell the clips. However ford supplies the clips with new brake pads.

  1. Are these clips important?
  2. Do you have a suggested supplier?
  3. Should the old clips be used on new pads?


Autozone show they are available separately or in the disc brake hardware kit.

1992 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L SFI 8cyl. Autozone Part Number: H5430. Front
Police package. My application is rear and is not police package. Thanks for trying to help me. I appreciate it.

If you have any of those pull your own parts junk yards near you you may find some there.

Rock Auto sells a 50 piece brake shoe hold down kit for $8.43, Motorcraft PN BRVP1456.

Just use the old clips.

The clips prevent the brake pads from knocking against the caliper brackets when the brakes are applied