Bose 6-CD Changer in Nissan Maxima

My factory installed Bose CD changer was working just fine/ I listened to the first 6 cds of a 9 cd book, ejected all, then loaded the next 3 - “CHECK DISC” on each of the 3 I just loaded. I tried the 6 I’d just listened to. “CHECK DISC”. i TRIED A NEW BOOK - 'check disc". I’ve cleaned the discs and am convinced it’s something inside. Is there a simple fix/adjustment?

What year is this??

Around 2000 - 2003 Nissan had a problem with these changers. Only the speakers are Bose…the electronics is Clarion. From my understanding what the problem is…Clarion used a plastic gear that would break and jam things up. There are companies around that can fix this. They replace the gear with a metal one…from my understanding that’s the only problem with these units. They are considered extremely good units once the gear is fixed.