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Borgward is back!

I may well be the only forum member who recalls the German-made Borgward, whose last models rolled-off the assembly lines in 1961.

Borgward made front-engine/RWD sedans, coupes, and convertibles and they were aimed at the middle class. They were definitely more technologically advanced (as well as much larger) than VW beetles, but they were considerably cheaper than Mercedes vehicles. The company also manufactured the cheaper Lloyd and Goliath marques, and it was once the 4th largest car company in Germany.

Well, because anything “German” has considerable cachet with Chinese consumers, and because there is a LOT of money floating around in China nowadays, a Chinese company has financed the re-launch of the Borgward brand. Their first new model will be an SUV that is very reminiscent of the Audi Q5, but I seriously doubt if we will get any of these new Borgwards in The US.

Well, it’ll satisfy the Chinese penchant for goofy names…


The Borgward Isabella was a sturdy little compact car.

I’m not terribly impressed

The Chinese bought a brand name, nothing more

Now they’ll probably build an average SUV and dilute the name

Can’t imagine it will be as well-built or reliable as a Pilot or HIghlander, for example

Apparently the Chinese-market automobiles are so lousy, they don’t have a prayer of ever meeting safety standards in western europe or the US

Kinda look like the old Mercedes. Yeah there’s a lot of borrowed money in China these days. Let’s see, you say you want to build a car with a 1950’s body style and engineering? Great, sounds like a winner. Can we make it smoke a little more though?

Going through Walmart and other department stores I look at electric kettles and despite the different names and trim, I suspect they’re all made by the same Chinese company. Same for toasters and other small appliances. Leading names like Kitchen Aid and Braun would have a tight spec for their Chinese made products.

Last year we bought a designer toaster for $130!! It had wide slots for our home made bread. It was made in China and lasted just one month past the one year warranty. Now it’s back to the generic $45 model probably made by the same Chinese firm.

“Let’s see, you say you want to build a car with a 1950’s body style and engineering?”

You really misinterpreted that information, Bing.
Those photos were of the Borgward sedans of the late '50s-early '60s.
Did you really think that those photos depicted an SUV?

Here are some photos of the new Borgward BX-7:

Looks like any other suv on the road

In other words, non-descript

AFAIK the only noteworthy thing is the name

Kind of like when the Shelby name and Maserati name were slapped on fairly plain-jane domestic cars in the 1980s . . . it didn’t make them any better or more reliable :smirk:

Remember them, I had a 1960 Borgward Isabella Station Wagon with a 4 on the tree.

The Chinese are master copiers. A few years ago I saw an article with pictures of the Chinese look alikes for major car brands like BMW. They just copied the sheet metal and put them on the market for half the cost. Of course the quality wasn’t there inside and out, they just looked very much the same. Sorta like the Chinese power saw for $20 that looks the same as a Milwaukee. Of course the Milwaukee is also made in China but to different specs. Am I impressed yet??? My we’re a little curmudgeon today. Must be the smoke in the air from Canada.

They aren’t exactly Chinese SUVs. Borgward AG is a German company with a design studio in Germany and production facilities in China. A Chinese company is providing financial backing, but doesn’t own Borgward outright.

If you want to be charitable, you might say that the relationship could be as profitable as Apple and Foxcon, the contract manufacturer of the iPhone. I realize that is a stretch, but the comment is meant to remind you that China does produce decent products, especially when a competent design is delivered to them.

Anyway, the first vehicles will be sold in China, India, and other nearby Asian countries. That should give Borgward an opportunity to work the bugs out before selling them in Europe. Sounds like fun, though. Thanks for the post, @VDCdriver.

I actually like the old roadster aesthetically. I think it looks cool.
It’ll be interesting to see what the new Borgward looks like. If it ever actually comes to pass.

“It’ll be interesting to see what the new Borgward looks like. If it ever actually comes to pass.”

MB–Are you referring to a new Borgward sedan/coupe/cabriolet, or are you talking about their new SUV?
A new sedan/coupe/cabriolet may never come to pass, and would likely be dependent on whether the SUV sells in sufficient numbers to justify the development of other models.

If you were referring to the SUV, here is a link to some photos:

Naming a vehicle Borgward is a sure bet to fail in the automotive world. It’s like naming your kid Beauregard or Ismerelda.

Personally I couldn’t care less about SUVs. A cool roadster would always be interesting.

SUVs are a good place to start since they are the rage these days. If it works, Borgward AG can expand their offerings.

As for the name, the family decided to make a go of it again. I see no problem using the family name as homage to their ancestors. Good luck to them.

Sure the family didn’t just succumb to greed? :tongue:

After all, the Chinese have a LOT of money to throw around :wink:

I doubt that the Chinese financiers contacted the Borgwards about reviving the brand, if that is what you are implying. It seems to me that the Borgwards went looking for money to restart Borgward AG and found the best terms from the company they partnered with. If that is greed, then fine. The Borgwards would have to be astonishingly rich to do it all with their money. Even The Donald has to finance his presidential campaign outside his own fortune.

Sounds to me like the Borgward family was just looking for some cash, and agreed to sell the rights to the name

Also sounds to me like the Borgward family will have no part in any of the development, marketing, engineering, design, etc. of these Chinese vehicles

I’m sorry but I just have to laugh. Ford, Nash, Chrysler, Olds, just seem a little easier to say than Borgward. Thank heavens the old founders were never named Fitzimmons or something or we’d be driving a Fitz. Maybe they’d just give it a number anyway like a 355LEX Borg. Kinda rolls off your tongue.