Car Identification

There is a television advertisement for a medication, in the ad is a red convertible driven by an older couple. The styling appears to be that of amid to late 50s European car, yet has what appears to be adjustable head restraints. Can anyone identify it? Or, possibly a very well done CGI creation?


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Thank you, it was bugging me.

Those Borgwards were excellent cars for their time. There were a couple of them in my town when I was a kid, and I always liked them.

I saw a Borgward at this tiny little car show a few years ago. The whole show was just cars parked along 2 blocks in a small town, but it had some real stunners in it, from mint-condition vintage Rolls Royces to Ferraris and even a 356 Speedster - a real one. And then parked in the middle of all these spectacular cars was a Borgward, and it was the one that had the most people hovering around it. As it should be.

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I saw the commercial and wondered what it was, it looked familiar but I could nopt place it with the grille badge and hood lettering removed.

I remember when they were sold here,but they never sold in great numbers because you could get a 6 passenger American car for the same money.

Wasn’t that a 3 cylinder 2 cycle? Read a book some years ago where an outspoken professor was fleeing Eastern Europe in one.

You’re thinking of the DKW.
Borgward was a more upscale car than the low-rent DKW, and all Borgwards had 4-cycle engines. However, I don’t recall whether there were 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engines in the Borgwards.

It had a 1.5 L 4-cylinder:
Borgward Isabella - Wikipedia

At any rate it looks like it had some significant body damage on the left side anyway, looking at the reflections. I just don’t pay attention though to these commercials with the smiling old people and all their drugs to keep them happy.

Nice looking coupe. Early 60’s overall was indeed a good era for classic car lines.