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Boosting engine power in my 2007 Ford E350 Super Duty

I want to boost engine power in my 2007 E350 SuperDuty Van 5.4L gas engine.

How much money are you willing to spend?


The engine power is proportional to the displacement, the compression ratio, and the rate air and fuel can be forced through the engine. If you don’t want to modify the engine’s innards, you are pretty much left with the third one; i.e. a turbo kit. Caveat: This could prove expensive and your state may not allow it b/c of emissions restrictions.

Tester is correct., Any noticeable power gain is going to cost well into 4 figures.

There’s Nitrous but that’s not really practical for everyday use as it takes constant bottle refills if you use it regularly. There’s also that little problem of something going wrong and creating a Nitrous explosion.


If you want to boost acceleration, change the rear differential gear to a numerically higher one. I.e. 3.55 to a 4.10.

As far as the engine power… it would be cheaper to buy a newer van with a bigger engine.


Also reduce wheel weight: use steel wheels and avoid wide tires.

I doubt reducing the weight of his tires and wheels by 50 lbs is going to do anything on a 1 ton van that already weighs 6,000 lbs.

Like @Mustangman said, re-gearing his going to be the least expensive and most noticeable improvement.

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The simplest solution . . .

Sell your van

Buy a 2007 E350 with the 6.8 liter V-10

Has ford fixed the issue of those V-10’s blowing out spark plugs?

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It wasn’t just V-10s

Isn’t that V10 just the 5.4 V8 with two more cylinders? Same problems?