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I have a 95 ford 150 want to get more power out my 5.0 engine so I can climb hill faster and pull a trailer should I install a larger engine or maybe add tubro I plan on keeping my truck for a very long time so installing a new engine is not a big deal oh it a 4 wheel drive Steven

What’s your budget for this project? Unless you’re doing the work yourself, it’d be cheaper to go buy a used truck that has the power you want out of the box.

Also, this truck is new enough that the computer controls and emissions systems would make an engine swap (which is what I would do, a turbo on a trailer-pulling pickup sounds like a nightmare) a real problem. Find a better truck.

budget is 3500.00 ok no turbo someone else do install of swap engine truck is staying

Well as I recall, the 5.0 was the regular V8. The lightning came with the 5.8. Used Lightning engines go for around $2500 and up. If you can find someone who’s willing to swap the engine for less than a grand (remember you probably have to buy a bunch of other crap to get this to work) then you can pull it off. Otherwise, it ain’t happening.

And you’ll want to go with the Lightning engine because then at least you (probably) don’t have to have custom mounts and other things fabricated to shoehorn something from Chevy or a newer Ford in there.

Oh, and keep in mind that the Lightning was geared toward going fast, not toward towing stuff. I don’t have the HP/torque figures in front of me, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t have much more torque than the regular 5.0, which means you might not even see much of an improvement as far as towing goes.

Would the Ford V10 be an option (ignoring, of course, all the hookup issues that make this nearly impossible these daysa). I’d think there’d be lots of used ones in junk yards…

For $3500, rebuilding the 302 into a 347 stroker would be your best bet. The 93-95 Lightning engine was just a standard 351W with a GT40 intake manifold, heads and shorty headers. It uses the same mounts as the 302/351

What you’ll also have to consider is the transmission the Lightning used the big block/powerstroke version of the E4OD. The version that you likely have in your truck isn’t as durable as the HD version.

If the vehicle is subject to emissions testing, engine modifying or swapping is almost impossible…

If you need a stronger truck, BUY a stronger truck.

I’ve noticed a focus on the engine (primarily because I guess that’s what he asked about), but your power in pulling and climbing comes mostly from the gearing. You may be able to change the rear end ratio and/or transmission to provide you with more lower end torque at the wheels.

Buddy has a 150 with the 4.7, and he tows a pretty good sized boat with that thing. We keep saying it needs a “set of lips” to hang from the rear because it has almost NO go, but it’ll tow…all day.

You can pull almost anything with a 1.0 liter engine if you have the right gearing. Although I wouldn’t want to put any miles on it. :slight_smile:

This reminds me of the quote: “Give me enough transmission and I’ll pull a tank up Pikes Peak with my electric razor. It’ll just take me awhile.”

I can’t remember who said it.

Frank Winchell.