New engine 95 f150

My 95 ford f 150 is going to need a new engine soon I have 5.0 in it now looking for something with a little more power for towing anyone got some idea for me on what I should do??

Your options are limitless if you have a large bank account. If not…then the only other engine that was larger than your 5.0 is a 5.8 (351). You probably would still need to change out your wiring harness and computer to make the larger engine compatible with your truck. Have you thought about just selling your truck and buying another one with more power? Swapping out engines in the computer age can be very expensive. What are you towing?

The F150 that year came in 300 I6, 302 and 351 V8s. Additionally, the 250/350 came equipped with the 460…but that’s a pretty big step up…might want to check torque rating of the tranny, even if it “bolts up.”

As said before, a 20 y.o. F150 has a blue book of ~2K…so swapping the whole truck might make more sense than swapping the engine. Also, have you considered turbo-ing the 302?

The 302 is a somewhat gutless engine in a truck. The 351 was a much better option in a work truck.

A lot will depend upon your attachment to this truck and how much money you’re prepared to spend for that extra grunt. Staying original can be expensive enough; deviating to a larger engine or a modified 5.0 will be even pricier.

The good news is that your choices are many, the Windsor V8 can be had in a variety of sizes these days , 302, 306, 331, 347, 351, 408, and 427 are sizes you’ll likely come across. a 429/460 will also fit, but you’ll have to change the motor mounts. Also assuming you have the stock E4OD, you’ll definately need a rebuild if you go with a significantly more powerful engine. Ford made two variations of the E4OD back then. The light duty model came with the 300/302/351 trucks and the heavy duty model came with the powerstroke and the 7.5L big block models.

I believe the simplest upgrade would be to use the 5.8. The only thing that would have to be changed is that you would need a 5.8 intake and distributor and oil pan. The injectors are the same. The wiring harness would stay the same. Of course if you found a good used 5.8 for a truck of that vintage, it’s all nuts and bolts.