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Bolt pattern?

I removed some wheels from a mitsu gallant.
5x114.3 bolt pattern. 64.1mm bore, 15" dia.
donor wheels are also 15" and 4.5" bolt pattern 67mm bore
wheels will not fit over all 5 studs?
don’t see how its a caliper issue. both rims are 15"

Did you check the center bore size?

Where was the wheel interfering? Perhaps the brake caliper?

Were the lugs not long enough?

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gallant rims are 15". same as my donor rims.
my donor wheels centerbore is larger than gallant.
I measured 4.5" but maybe i was wrong.
since rims did not want to go on properly
I got 3 lugnuts on but the other 2 studs were barely visible
so rim is sitting kinda angled.

Sounds like they are hitting the brake caliper.

5x4.5 OR 114.3 (that is the metric equivalent) is a pretty common bolt pattern. Yes, Ford uses that pattern but so does Subaru, Mazda, Jeep, Nissan and others both RWD and FWD.

Have you seen if the wheel will turn? I am guessing not.

my rims are RWD vs the gallant FWD style
is the inside rim curve somehow different?
where the hub flange meets the outer rim?

Have you tried reversing the “new” wheel to see if the studs will physically go through the holes?[quote=“Cavell, post:3, topic:103478”]
I got 3 lugnuts on but the other 2 studs were barely visible so rim is sitting kinda angled.

How about a pic of this?

the Camaro rims are 5x4.75. these are 5x4.5 I am just guessing they are ford/chrys/chev when they could be foreign? Datsun or Toyota? tires are not radial and old.

There is more than bolt pattern and center hole to consider. There is backspacing and the shape of the brake calipers. Most cars wheels and calipers are matched so that the wheel just clears the caliper.

I can measure my current rim but I cant measure the donor rim since it is gone. I think the caliper area is the issue. not so much a diameter issue but the caliper height area in this illustration.