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Bolt pattern

Why does wheel have 2 bolt patterns listed? what bolt pattern is this wheel? its stamped 5x108 and 5x112. the guy selling it says it is 5x100? he had it on a chevy caviler auto which is 5x100photo f_zps63f55178.jpg

I dunno but I believe you measure from the top of the upper stud to the middle of the lower center stud, not center to center and that should tell you what it is.

Bolt holes are not slotted. Like unilug of old. I see many rims that are “universal”? Not 100% sure of what that means. They say a 115mm will fit onto a 114.3 wheel which are 2 very common sizes. But I don’t see how a 112bp wheel will fit onto a 108mm car?

Are their 10 holes? I see a lot of those (and 8 hole wheels) on aftermarket wheels. Also does the hub hole match or does it come with hub ring adapters?

Those size/wieght specs. are in the casting, the wheels are drilled/machined to a specific size for each aplication.

Ah, load rating changes slightly for different drilled bolt patterns. Seller said it was used on car with 110mm bp. Did not specifically say if it fit WELL. Buyer would have to measure rim to determine actual size.

It might be possible that the wheel mfr. drills the stud/lugnut hole pattern circle in various diameters after the wheel is cast to make the casting mold usable for more than one brand of vehicle.