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Body -Side moulding

Whatever happened to body-side moulding. I always thought it was a good idea,but many new cars not only dont come with it,but it is not offered as an accessory. Any place you can still buy it?

Aftermarket moldings are definitely available. The possible problems include the fact that aftermarket products of this type are rarely as high a quality as original equipment. After a few years, they typically fade or change color, and look somewhat bizarre in many cases.

Also, if the installer is not particularly skilled, you can wind up with body-side moldings that are not aligned properly. If you want to see examples of this, you can usually see several in your nearest Wal-Mart parking lot.

While I also like body-side molding on my cars, I would avoid after-market products, due to the problems that I have observed with them.

What happened to it is it interferes with teh sleek new styling. You can buy it as an aftermarket application at any parts store.

I suggest that if you do get it you run a strip of masking tape just above or below where you’d like the molding and use that as an application guide, making adjustments as needed. If you don’t you’re almost guaranteed a wobbly molding.

Check with your dealer-bet they have it. For our Acura its available for a couple hundred. Same as door edge guards and 15 other over-priced but necessary options.