2002 Chevy Astro LS, Replacement Rear Molding?

I recently ran this van into a wall, it is not mine. I would like to buy the owner a new skirt/molding… however everything I google turns up not getting me the results I want. I have no idea what it’s called.

That’s called the left side lower quarter panel molding.


Where would I buy that?

From a junkyard (auto recycler).

And hope it’s white!


I found one at a local junk yard via their website. It will cost me about $10 for together for both pieces. They are both $180 new online.

As Tester mentioned, you should hope that it’s white. Otherwise it will have to be painted to match and the cost of painting something like that (if you have it done) can very well lead to more expense than you were counting on.

Fortunately…Krylon Fusion paint bonds with most plastics and that’s what I would use in a pinch. If the molding was properly primed before painting…it would last for years. I have a plastic chair on my back deck that I painted over 3 years ago and it still looks great.

You can take a abrasive pad and rough up the surface. Then prime it with plastic primer. Then paint it with the original paint. Then spray glossy clear coat on it. All this can be found at the auto parts store for $25.

When all else fails go to a dealer for parts. If it were me, keep your hands off my truck if you aren’t going to do it right. If there is a paint issue, have a body shop do it. I’ve used the Krylon plastic paint before and please don’t use that on my truck. White is not white. There are many different shades of white, plus the durabilty issue. Just my two cents. See a private body shop and they will work with you to stay on budget.

Bing is right about there being many shades of white. My oldest son’s Camaro is Arctic White and I vaguely remember something about GM having 20 or 30 shades of white in a short production span.
They may look the same initially but can stick out like a sore thumb when dry and stepping back a bit.