Carbon fiber


do you know a company that will build carbon fiber parts with out me having to buy the mold and 10 of each thing i have them build,i need doors front fenders,and a oem style front and rear bumper?


If they are custom parts you will have to pay for the mold, which will likely cost more than the part itself, or the manufacturer will include the mold cost in the part cost, which is why just one part will probably be cost prohibitive. Another consideration is that you will also have to pay for the engineering; the laminate schedules, thickness, cloth type, etc all have to be determined.

Here is a company in Maine that does custom work:


One way or the other you will pay the cost of making the mold. Why would you think they would build the parts for you without having you pay the cost plus profit?


thank u for the info on customcomposite its kinda funny that u would give me a web site in maine because that is were I am from. I did not think to look there for somthing like this i just do not envision body parts when i think of maine I think it’s going to be what i was looking for.thank u .


Other than spending a lot of money, what do you hope to gain?


I don’t know about the OP, but most people re looking to gain a few tenths of a second.


What do you need the parts for? If it’s a type of vehicle that this is a common practice with, you might try posting on a relevant “performance” forum. There may be someone there who has already commissioned a set of molds or perhaps you can drum up interest in enough people to defray the cost.


I’m going to assume you’ll be painting this stuff because otherwise it would look stupid. If that’s the case, skip the bumpers. You’ll only be getting the covers, which are polyurethane from the factory and therefore fairly light anyway (and crack resistant). Unless you replace the actual bumper, which is the heavy piece of metal underneath the cover, you won’t save much weight, and you’ll spend a TON of money on it even if you don’t have to buy the mold.