Suggestions to Repair Bent Door Moulding?

We accidentally bent the upper edge of the door moulding on the rear door of our Volvo XC60 while loading the kayaks on the roof rack. The moulding is bent and pulled away from the door frame. Can a DIYer tackle this or is it best left to an auto body shop? Thanks.

If it’s made of metal, you’ll need body hammers/dollies/shapers/and a small bench-top anvil.

Hint: Place a couple of layers of duct tape on the anvil to protect the outer service of the trim piece while straightening it out.

Then with patience and time, the trim piece can be straightened out.

Otherwise? Take it to a body shop.


I’d first get an estimate from a body shop. The photo on the right looked pretty straightforward, the photo on the left didn’t.

It has a metal base and will never straighten.
If you want it to look nice take it to a body shop. Sometimes these moldings are riveted on. Do you have the proper rivet gun?

My suggestion would be if you want it done correctly then it goes to the shop. Don’t try a home repair as you will only make it look worse.

Thanks for the feedback!