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BMW Gina


A new twist on car material is demonstrated in the video. While I can’t see this catching on, it does seem like a cool invention.

I’m glad I don’t have to check the oil on that car.

BMW cars have not had dipsticks for quite a few years.


Airplanes were fabric-covered for years before metal skins became the norm. Many ultra-lights still are.

Some cars were, too.

Chris Bangle is the guy who made BMWs ugly. The “Bangle butt” is just one example. Why should we listen to him?

Thanks for posting. I can’t afford one anyway.

beautiful car.

I’m sure it’d have some kinda repellent on it to keep things from getting too dirty. Though I can’t think of any driver of new BMWs would ever think to check their own oil

Seems like you’d be uniquely suceptible to getting your car “keyed.”