Artist creates invisible motorcycle called "Moto Undone"

it looks like a couple of chrome suitcases on wheels. I bet it gets hot after sitting out in the sun for a few minutes

Whew! At least somebody’s solved the major problem with motorcycles - too easy to see!

The cops would have a field day with that one.

“something unique.”

This is where “artists” and I diverge. I fail to see the unique artistry in dumping a couple of shiny boxes over a motorcycle frame.

At least when this guy gets creamed by a cager, and the cager says “I never saw him!” we can believe it.

As an artistic optical illusion it’s cool. As a way to safely ride a bike it’s an abomination. Texases’ comment said it all. Bikes have enough of a chore being seen as it is. An invisable one would be certain death.

Now THIS is a cycle you can be seen on:

I’ve often wondered why someone would want an all black bike like this one rather than something with brighter colors. Not only would it be harder to see, but the paint will fade faster, and it will be hotter after sitting in the sun.

It’s a bit dark for my taste, but I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen a bike totally, completely black, pipes and all. And the paint was that nonshiny paint, half way between gloss and flat. I forget the term for it.

I wouldn’t want to ride it in a heavy crosswind…

I liked bikes that were “ultra visible” back when I road for a short time (Norton 750). I thought and still do that loud and visible was safer. It was never so apparent when I followed my neighbor into town who was riding his ultra quite, drab grey BMW motorcycle. I watched in horror when at a stop sign, he was rear ended by a car just two car lengths ahead of me. He never fully recovered from his injuries and died much too early in life just a few years later. That not only help sway me from riding but I still never complained about loud bikes.

I wonder to this day if my neighbor’s fate would have been different if he rode a chromed out extra loud Harley. Heck, I’d like to see mandatory flashing running lights minimum high db mufflers.