BMW X3 Problem


I have a 2005 3.0I BMW X3 and I have a problem that three different specialized mechanics cannot figure out. In gear, while accelerating, something slips in the drive train. Its like the differiential is letting lose for just a second and them grabs again. Has anyone had this problem before?


This type of problem requires the mechanic to test drive for a diagnosis. When I would bring my boss the report that I could not diagnosis this type of problem he (and everyone else within earshot) would ask “did you check for Service information”(bulletins)? So I ask you,has anyone checked for Service Information?

Great point. Do you know if there is a way for me to check service bulletins or do I have to have a service dealer do this?

I think the dealer MUST allow you to read the TSBs. Federal Safety law or something like that. They will be on the shop computer. Many manufacturers have gone to a semi legal position of sending some tech data as “interoffice memos” which they do not allow the public to read. Someone needs to take this position back to the federal courts.