Technical Service Bulletin Nightmare

I recently posted a question about technical service bulletins.

I have heard Tom and Ray mention many times to callers to check to see if there is a TSB for problems that seem to be ongoing.

I checked online for a TSB for my Mazda problem. I found several sites that say there is a TSB for my 2002 Mazda MPV for my exact problem.

I’ve taken my MPV in to have the problem looked at by a Mazda dealer and told them about the TSB. They say there is no TSB from Mazda about the problem. That the TSB I’m finding all over the internet is put out by a 3rd party.

Where do I go to find Mazda’s “official” TSB’s? I feel as though this dealership is not being honest with me. This particular dealership is not where I bought the MPV; they are out of business.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check at You can at look at titles of TSB’s.

Try this site:

A TSB only guides a mechanic in a repair,it doesn’t obligate a Dealer to perform a free repair.

Do you want the repair for free,or are you trying to save on diagnostic time by bringing you own diagnosis?

Does this TSB instruct the Dealer to extend some kind of “Goodwill” deal? (this would be very odd)

By the way, what is your car doing?,and what does the TSB say is the fix?

Even if there is a TSB, what are you expecting to happen? You aren’t confusing TSBs with recalls are you?

What specifically is the problem or symptoms? I can look up TSBs in my ALLDATA. There are many TSBs for your vehicle but without the specific problem I can’t narrow it done.