BMW 2015 X1 Battery



I need to replace the battery on 2015 BMW X1.

Whats the original battery used? H6 or H7?


Go to the interstates battery website and look it up.

H7 battery is optional. Check your original battery, H6 is 10 7/8" in length, the H7 is 12 3/8" in length.

To put it simply, battery registration is a process of updating your vehicle with information that a brand new battery has been installed in your car. What’s important, it should be performed each time you change the battery in your 2002 or newer BMW.


I cant figure out whether my car has H6 or H7.

Does anyone know here which one should i purchase?

Usually the group number is written on the battery somewhere. You can also compare cold cranking amps (CCA), and get an idea of which size you need.

If you can’t figure this out, take the car to a mechanic. Good luck.

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Get a tape measure and measure the length of the battery, as specified by @Nevada_545