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2015 BMW X5 - Battery

Charge malfunction, Battery is not recharging

Battery bad, replace with a VERY expensive BMW battery if you want the car to actually work properly.


That’s terrible. Now the million dollar questions. Did you actually have a question :question: Or did you just want to vent :question:

Really? Why?

From what I have read these cars use odd battery sizes and are very sensitive to the battery used. BMW doesn’t make batteries, obviously, butnthey do spec them and not every supplier gets it exactly right. Lots of owners seem to complain about the cost of a the battery and issues if they use a substitute.

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BMW, Audi & VW (various models) Disconnecting the battery requires numerous module relearn procedures which can take up to several hours with a factory scan tool


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I think they have just gone expensive these days.
I used to buy 90 something dollars these days they seem to run 130 to 160 depending where you buy it from…
I have found good deals on batteries at Pepboys and at Napa… I also was told Autozone carry remanufactured Valuecraft ® batteries just an FYI

Yeah, the BMW batteries run $4-500…

Ouch, One more reason not to buy a bmw.

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You will never become the owner of a BMW even if it’s paid for.

BMW will always own your vehicle.


Interesting read, boy it seems the smarter cars become, the stupider they are in actuality.


From someone with a Mercedes . Did you ever get your title problem solved ?

If I had that problem on my cars (none are BMW) I’d do the basic battery/alternator quick check. Before first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts. Don’t know if that test is diagnostic on your X5 though.

Other than that, Good idea to make sure your shop is aware of tsb 610800, for parasitic draw , excessive closed circuit drain current.