Replacement Battery for Honda Fit?

The battery in my 2007 Honda Fit is due for replacement soon. Turns out that this is a very odd-size battery, and it appears that ONLY Honda makes it! I’ve heard lots of talk about batteries that MIGHT fit, perhaps with minor adjustment, but I haven’t heard of anyone who has actually succeeded! Anyone out there found a battery that fits that I don’t have to buy from the Honda dealer? Thanks!

You also might post this on one or more of the Fit forums, you’ll find lots of Fit drivers there! Google ‘Honda Fit forum’.

One of the Fit forums says Bosch Mega Power 44b19l-s. I would price one at Honda dealer and then check around and see if a Bosch dealer can supply one and at what price.

Another forum says that a Group 51R will fit and a couple of fooks have done this for 07-08.

"Group 51R will drop right in (though it is slightly longer), and most batteries in that size are approx. 500 CCA. The Fit battery is group 151R and nobody makes it but Yuasa for Honda. Just get the 51R and be happy that it’s slightly more powerful than the original.

I would also think that this battery should still be under a full or pro-rated battery warranty that the Honda dealer would be able to honor.

I have an 07 FIT as well. How does one know if/that battery due to be replaced? Thanks.

The best way to test if the battery is good enough is to charge it up completely and then immediatly do a battery load test. If during the load test it goes below 9.5 volts or does not recover to around 12 volts after the load test, junk the battery. If your battery in your car is the original 07 battery, it already has 3 years of use. You may want to just replace in now, anyway. From reading thousands of blogs from Honda Fit users, this battery does not stand up to the test of time. By the way, if you don’t have a battery load tester, or can’t get a dealer to test the battery for free, Harbor Freight, has them on sale, often, for about $15.

Take a tape measure to the battery area.
Not just the battery size now but what dimensions COULD be possible ( all 3, length, width, and hight ) and the placement of the terminals.

Then go to the parts store and check the other possibilties.

Honda doesn’t make batteries. They buy their batteries from a battery company. The company that makes the batteries for Honda surely makes them for the aftermarket, too.

Call around, someone will have one.

How do you know your battery is “due for replacement soon?” It’s only three years old. It could last another two or three years.

You’d better measure the battery before you buy one. The 151R size is the only battery in the world manufactured just for the Honda Fit. Honda is the only supplier of this size. Some people have altered their battery compartments in 2007 and 2008 Fits to fit the 51R or other snowmobile sealed batteries. But, do you really want the headache? I have a 2008 and 2009 Fit. I know that the 2009 cannot fit a 51R battery by almost an inch. I haven’t looked into the 2008 model which would be the same as your 2007. Measure before you buy is my suggestion.

“I have an 07 FIT as well. How does one know if/that battery due to be replaced? Thanks.”

When you turn the key to the “Start” position and all you get is a UUuurrrgg sound…That’s when you know. Don’t they have a back-up kick-starter??

I know this question is old, but I’d like to share my experience.

My 07 Fit’s battery died last week at a very inconvenient time. No local parts stores had the 151r battery, so with little time to spare I took a chance and bought a store brand 51r that was about 2" wider. I removed the stock battery’s tray and cover to fit in the larger 51r, tightened the bracket to hold the battery in place, and it fits/works wonderfully. It took me literally 5 minutes with a standard socket wrench and cost half the price of a 151r!