Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Recommendations

Hey everyone. I’m currently fixing a P0033 code on my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T, and ordered the Boost Control Valve which sounds like the common failure. But i’m looking for recommendations on a good bluetooth obd2 scanner that can check emissions monitors.

My car couldn’t pass my states’ emissions tests at the shop recently because the monitors hadn’t all set, and the cheap scanner I was using doesn’t seem to work with the Torque app I was using it with anymore.

I imagine this P0033 code should be easy to fix once the part comes in, but does anyone have any recommendations on good bluetooth obd2 scanners that can, at minimum, check emissions monitors?
Preferably, i’m looking for one that is the best value for the money as far as functions go, including the emissions monitor checking. I’m willing to go up to the high end of around 120 bucks, but i’m kind of skeptical about the popular ones like bluedriver due to there not being an overwhelming consensus on them.

I’ve had no issues with two BAFX scanners (for Android) and the Torque Lite app. These are on the cheap end of the spectrum, so I’m not sure what they’re missing that better ones would have.

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Almost all of them around the $10-15 price point on Amazon are fakes that still work pretty good for most stuff. Not sure why what you have is not giving you the monitor status.

I believe the VeePeek unit uses a genuine chip with the v2 firmware.

Combining a cell phone with a connection to the car’s computer system seems like a good idea for a diy’er, at least in theory. A lot of computing power in a cell phone compared to a stand-along coder reader. No experience w/this issue myself, own no OBD II cars, but other posters here have mentioned their configurations; suggest to query the forum search function to see what others have said, upper right this page.

I liked those old Saab 900’s, don’t know much about the newer ones. Are Saabs sold in the USA these days?

Problems with boost control aren’t uncommon for posters here with turbo engines, you could check the forum search feature for that too.

There is no Saab, anywhere, for years.

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Oh, that must be why I’m not seeing them anymore … lol

You can use the search feature in the upper right side of this page to learn about the end of Saab production.

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