Good (wire) hunting

The engine quit while driving and would not restart. I’ve checked to make sure there is spark so the ignition module seems ok. The fuel pump doesn’t seem to be running. I checked the fuses and found the ECM-1 fuse ok but the ECM-B fuse blown. Upon replacing the ECM-B fuse, it blew immediately. So I looked in my Chilton’s manual to see where the ECM-B fuse goes. I unplugged the ECM module completely, tried to re-fuse, and once again it blew the fuse. I now have the chevy 2ooo express 1500 at a reputable garage and they pulled the gas tank but ran into the fuse question. I brought them my Chilton’s manual and tomorrow they will check the pump to see if it works. Will a bad fuel pump cause the fuse to go? Do we replace the wiring to the fuel pump? Is it just a bad ground?

I’m hoping you can help.

Thank you for your time

did find and capped one bad wire to the fuel pump but no success

The fuel pump could be shorted causing the fuse to blow. To eliminate it as the cause find the fuel pump electrical connector back by the tank and unplug it. Install a new fuse and see if it blows. If it does not then you know the pump is the cause. If the fuse still blows then it could be a short in the harness somewhere back to the fuse.

There is another possiblity, the ECM-B fuse also feeds a power distribution center. The short could be in a circuit from the distribution center.