Fuel pump relay

My 2000 GMC Jimmy would not start. I beleive I have a bad fuel pump. So before buying a new pump i wanted to check the relay. When i turn the key on i could not here the relay energize. So I took my meter and was checking for voltage at the relay. But I think I made a big mistake. When i stuck my meter leads in the slots i bent all of the clips that the relay sets into. Now the relay is extremely loose and not making contact. I have power to the relay but it won’t energize. So I jumpered it and checked voltage at the pump . I’ve got voltage at the pump. So now my question is How do i bend those pins back to get a good connection. Is the fuse panel difficult to remove to gain access to those clips. Any help would be appreciated. I thought about putting a drop of solder on each pin on the relay to make it get a better contact.

It would be far easier to just give the blades on the relay a slight twist prior to plugging it into it’s socket. This might provide a good contact.

If not, then fuse block will have to be pulled and disassembled. Disconnect the battery. Locate and remove the mounting hardware. Position the fuse block so the wiring harnesses can be unplugged. Remove the fuse block.


To learn more about testing the fuel pump, go to: www.carterfueldelivery.com/fuelpumps/supports.php. Without the WIRING DIAGRAMS, you’re shooting blindly. Go to: www.autozone.com. Click on Manage My Vehicles > Remove > Add Vehicles > Year > Make > Model > Engine > Repair Info > Vehicle Repair Guides > Chassis Electrical > scroll down to Wiring Diagrams and click. Click on the Fig for your vehicle year and engine. Click on the diagram to enlarge to 1/4 screen. Click on the little box in the upper right hand corner of your screen to enlarge to full screen.

OK Thanks i’ll give it a try.


That would probably be pretty expensive. If it is, wiring in a new socket outside of the original box would probably be the best path.