Blown Bulb on 2003 Odyssey Cruise Control Button

My cruise control was recently repaired, but the Honda dealership didn’t have any bulbs for my cruise control button, which is located beneath the TCS (traction control system) button on my dash. I tried to purchase one at Advance Auto Parts, but they didn’t have the piece listed in their system, and my manual doesn’t refer to it, for repairs. Anyone ever replaced this bulb? If so, can I do it myself?

Most likely the bulb is built into the switch, and you have to replace the switch to get a new bulb.

That’s a Honda mechanic thing, huh? Can I get one of those at Advance Auto Parts and replace it myself? Again----no mention of it in my manual.

Can the Honda dealership order one for you?

They probably can and would; I didn’t ask, because I’ve had so many repairs lately, I’m facing loads more, and I’d probably be told they were the only ones who could do it (more $$$$ I just don’t have). I assumed it would be as simple as replacing the other bulbs, you know? I guess I’ll call, unless someone else on here says they’ve done it themselves and bought it elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestion! : )

I’ve got an idea. Forget it. Just don’t worry about it.