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Honda lost power while driving, but not chronic problem

1997 Odyssey lost power while driving 2 times. Once last Oct. going 45mph, rainy; once in Feb., 30mph, sunny, cold. Both times the car started right up. No other problems. After 2nd time, got it to the mechanic right away & he could not find anything except that a little oil had leaked into the distributor. He isn’t convinced it would cause the problem. It’s at about 186,000 miles, and it’s a great car. Thank you.

Did he fix it so oil can’t get into the distributor anymore?

How Many Times Has The Igniton Switch Been Replaced Under Honda’s Recall Of 1997 - 2000 Odysseys ?

The recall of ignition switches is because of :
Worn out ignition contacts could cause the engine to stall without warning. Although the engine will restart in most cases, a vehicle that stalls while driving increases the risk of a crash.

Has the ignition switch been replaced and / or the VIN (vehicle identification number) checked for “open” recalls ?


Sorry, I didn’t think to ask.

Thank you for the wording of the ignition recall. That describes the problem. I called a dealer’s service desk to check, and computer records show it was done, though the date could not be provided. The recall is over.

Occasionally, I do have trouble with the ignition. Does it make sense that this is not happening often?


Yes. Intermittent, and/or randomly occurring problems are the most difficult to diagnose correctly, especially if they don’t set a trouble code and illuminate the Check Engine Light. I have to say, however, at 186K miles almost anything is possible.

I think CSA is on to something with the ignition switch recall. Even if the switch was replaced and the recall is over the ignition switch could still be the problem, especially considering the mileage.

I asked about the distributor because they have been problematic on some older Honda vehicles, and because it’s unusual for oil to leak into a distributor.

So a new ignition switch is in order, and the distributor needs at least another look. Thanks very much for the help; I guess I’m getting into the ‘keep my fingers crossed’ stage of owning this car.

At 186K miles, yes, everything is “fingers crossed.”

How long do you intend to keep it?

Maybe you should contact Honda’s regional office and verify if that switch Recall was performed or not.
The part about stating it was done but being unable to tell you when sounds a bit suspect even if the statement is legit.

As to being over, a mandated Recall is never over. It’s for eternity or until the car is crushed at the end.

The symptom the car has can apply both to the switch and other things also. Failing distributor or even an intermittent fuel pump can cause this.