Odyssey console lights out, bulb?

On my 97 Odyssey, the lights that light up the part of the center panel that has the fan speeds, air mix and heat range no longer works. Radio/tape deck is fine. I can see how to open the console from the shop manual. The circle of light around the cig lighter also just died. Are there small bulbs that needs to be changed in order to see these controls again? The manual doesn’t mention anything about bulbs in these locations.

Yes there probably are little bulbs that need to be changed. A flashlight and small mirror can help find them.

Are these the same bulbs that the dimmer control controls? If so I would look for a bad dimmer control. It should not take long for someone with a meter and a little knowledge to check. However some cars require a near total teardown to get to the lamps, connections ground wire and fuse.

All things considered I would look for the fuse and if that was not it, I don’t think I want to be on my head trying to find the &(&$^ fuse.

Good Luck

If they all just went out at once, I would suspect a fuse. My Accord’s center controls tend to burn out one or two at a time, which requires the bulbs to be replaced.