Blowing fuses in accessory socket

We’ve got a 2002 CR-V that when the cellphone cord is inserted in the front accessory socket the 15A fuse blows. If the cord is in when I install a new fuse it’s ok. If I remove it to insert another cellphone cord(switching vehicles with my wife)it blows. I thought I would go up to a 20A fuse as there is no problem operating the phone once installed, but they a a different size.

Does putting any other accessory, like a GPS unit, also blow the fuse? An instantaneous surge of greater than 15A through the circuit is a dangerous situation, and definitely NOT normal. If any other accessory also does this, I suspect a problem in the accessory socket of the truck. It should be removed, inspected, and maybe replaced. If only the cell phone cord does it, I’d replace the cell phone cord. Trying to put a fuse larger than specified is asking for trouble.