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1995 Toyota Camry fuse question

What can cause the 15 amp “tel” fuse to blow while trying to start the car. Its not supposed have a circuit? When I put a 30 amp fuse in its place, it blew again.

Fuses blow when there is an overload in the circuit such as a short or malfunctioning device. Replacing a 15 Amp with a 30 Amp fuse may cause significant damage or an electrical fire.
You need to find out what that fuse relates to and find the culprit.

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Don’t quite know what to say… DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER increase the amperage of a FUSE to try and get a circuit to not blow!! And that goes for EVERYTHING electrical. House wiring, vehicle, WHATEVER! DO NOT put in a LARGER Fuse!!! You are extremely ‘lucky’ that you have some sort of dead short (a MAJOR SHORT) - that will probably blow ANY fuse that you could put into it… Otherwise - you would already have MELTED wires; and probably a vehicle FIRE and the Fire Dept.; and you wondering why the heck you were so dumb to do that…

Call Toyota (Parts Counter); and give them the vehicle VIN and Year etc.; and inquire as to the nature/purpose of the ‘tel’ circuit. If parts can’t tell you - ask to speak to the Service Dept.; and inquire as to what the ‘tel’ circuit is/controls; and how much to get it repaired. Since you already tried a 30 AMP (WHOA) fuse which blew; I don’t think you can repair it yourself. Since you put in a 30 AMP fuse… 30 AMPS runs a hell of a lot of stuff in your HOUSE… let alone some small wires in your vehicle!

PLUS - did you just recently purchase this vehicle?? A slight web search seems to indicate the ‘tel’ circuit - is for MAYDAY or a type of Telephone; and all circuit diagrams which I looked at - stated NO Circuit. At the same time that they also stated it takes a 7.5 amp fuse… which is 1/2 the rating of the fuse which had blown; and which you doubled. I believe the correct rating for this circuit - would be 7.5 amps. However - the Fuse Box Plastic Cover will list the correct amperage for each fuse. If it is 7.5 amps - do NOT put in a 15!

Do talk with Toyota; and see if you can get some idea of the circuit purpose and correct fuse. After you have a bit of an idea of the circuit which has a failure - you can determine if you are taking it to Toyota; or to an independent Repair shop. But don’t try and repair this yourself - unless you are going to READ UP on electrical; your a quick study; and you are going to actually find out WHERE your MAJOR SHORT exists - and then repair that SHORT! Since you HAVE a DIRECT short! Blowing a 30 amp fuse - is not small potatoes. The ‘load’ for the circuit is no longer in the circuit. It is just as if you placed a large steel wrench across your vehicle battery terminals - and either observed the wrench MELTING - or the Battery EXPLODING! You have to get this SHORT fixed.