Accessory jack blowing fuses



Our phone charger blows a fuse each time it is plugged in. The charger is fine as it works in our other car. Is the accessory jack difficult to replace? I can’t seem to find easy access for removal. I would prefer to install it myself than go to the dealership.

Rick in Indiana


Take a close look to make sure nothing has fallen into the power point outlet. Often it is nothing more than a penny that dropped into it. If that is not it, I would replace it.


The problem may be simple amperage draw when the charger is used. Compare the size of the fuse in the Honda to the one in your other vehicle. All vehicles are not created equal. Phone chargers that blow fuses are quite common.


Yes, but don’t put a bigger (higher current) fuse in.


Thanks tardis…my bad.


The last time I had that problem, the charger was the issue. In spite of the fact that it only happens in one car, you should test a different charger in the CR-V to see if it still happens. Replacing the charger may solve your problem.