2013 Honda CR-V Cigarette Lighter Blowing Fuses

My daughter plugged in an iPhone charger & blew the fuse. Before that I had a 3 socket adapter plugged in with no trouble. Now , anything I plug in, adapter or individual power plugs, blows the fuse. Wondering if it could just be the socket and how hard it would be to replace, but it looks like taking the lower dash apart.

Isn’t this vehicle under warranty? If so, why don’t you let the dealer fix it for free?

When you removed the 3 socket adapter, one of the contacts may have broken off and is just laying in the socket. When you go to plug something in, you are pushing that debris against the two contacts and shorting them out. It may be as simple as just checking the socket for debris and removing it.

Try using another device directly plugged into the outlet. If the fuse doesn’t blow, it’s the adapter. If it does blow, I bet the outlet is malfunctioning, and replacing it might solve your problem.

Whoops, my mistake, it’s a 2003 CR-V. I’ll check for debris in the morning, thanks. Also, anything I plug into it blows the fuse.

In that case, I would replace the outlet. It might not be the issue, but they’re usually cheap to replace.

Replace the assembly, a job that should be dirt cheap. You can even buy a replacement at any parts store for less than $20.

When she blew the fuse originally, she introduced a short path in the socket assembly. It could have been the cause of the fuse blowing or the result.

I’d also suggest that you give your daughter some fatherly advice on the proper use of electrical sockets. Her assumption that an electrical socket will safely serve as many plugs as she can manage to hook up to it is dangerous. The assumption that the fuse will protect her is very dangerous. It’s sadly very common for fires to result from this practice, both in cars and in houses.

Whew. Thought you might try and plug in coffee maker.

Thanks. I don’t believe it was an issue of overloading it. She got the phone from a friend and the house charger didn’t work either, so I believe there was something wrong with the charger that caused all the trouble. Anyway, I checked the socket & all looks good there, nothing foreign inside it. I’d like to try a new socket, but it looks like that whole bottom panel has to come off to accommodate that unless there is an easier way.

Stop by the local dealer and request from the parts guy (NOT the service advisor) an “exploded view” drawing of the lighter installation. He should be happy to help.

have had the same thing in my '99 CRV, only the adapter for my tracphone was blowing the fuse so i threw it out and will find another. two other adapters for different phones have had no problems. probably something to do with the internal configuration of the contacts inside the lighter plug.

I don’t know about your CR-V, but in my Civic, I can reach behind the dashboard to get to the back of the outlet. It’s not easy to reach back there (I have to lie on the floor and reach around in an awkward position), but you might not need to remove the whole panel.

Had the same problem with an Olds ciera and I replaced the outlet for 7 bucks

I finally got to the bottom of this. Seems the 3 connector adapter I had had blown the fuse when my daughter’s charger was plugged into it and somehow one of the chargers I plugged into it was blowing fuses so I tossed that. I also had a USB cable with both micro & mini USB ends on it & it looks like that was bad also. I replaced the one charger, changed the fuse in the 3 way adapter, replaced the faulty cable & all is well now.

Thanks for all the input ptovided